What is the Symptoms of a Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor

Mass Air Flow Sensors(MAF) are a simple but extremely important part of modern car engines. They sense the volume of air entering into the engine to calculate the correct fuel mix required for a smooth, efficient and powerful drive. This post will tell you the most common symptoms of a bad mass air flow sensor, and hot to fix the issue.


No.1 Hard to start


If you find your car is taking a little longer to start than usual, perhaps over five seconds when turning the key or even requiring a few attempts to start. This is one of the first signs of a failing mass airflow sensor. Default check the sensor unplug the sensor with the engine off and start the car. If the car starts instantly you, you know it’s time to replace that sensor.


No.2 Stalling Issues


If your car turns on without problem but shortly after loses power installs or if you experience intermittent stalling at stop lights then this also points to a failing sensor. Try the same trick of removing the sensor and running the engine, if this stops the stalling when the engine is idle, it’s time for a new sensor.


No.3 fuel economy


If your car is using noticeably more fuel or providing rich or lean fault codes when scanning with an OBD2 tool, this could be due to a dirty sensor. To resolve this issue ensure the car is turned off, remove the mass airflow sensor and clean with an approved airflow cleaner. Allow the sensor to fully dry before reassembling. Next scan with an OBD2 tool and reset the fault codes. If the fault codes do not return, the issue is fixed.


No.4 Rough Engine Idle


Does your car run well when on the highway but idles high or low when at a stop light? You may need to check your MAF sensor or your engine air supply. First it’s advised to check if you have a dirty air filter or leaves stuck in the air box. There may also be cracks or holes in the inlet tube or it might even be fully disconnected. Anything obstructing the airflow into the engine will cause your mass airflow sensor to give false readings.


No.5 Hesitation when accelerating


If your car runs smoothly when driving at a constant speed but starts to shudder or lag when you hit the gas or climb a highway ramp, this is a key sign of a failing MAF sensor. First check the air inlet for cracks or disconnection replace the inlet tube if necessary and clean the mass airflow sensor. If the problem persists, it’s time to replace your mass airflow sensor.

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