How to Reset Low Tire Pressure Light on Ford Fiesta

Do you have low tire pressure light on the dashboard? Or is your car telling you that your tire pressure is low?


This post will show you guide on how to get rid of these warning lights.

This light is belong to tire pressure monitoring system(TPMS). For our model car Ford Fiesta, we find the tire pressure right in the door jamb.


You can see tire pressure details of the front rear and spare tire. The spare tire isn’t connected at a low pressure monitoring system. We just need to look at the front and rear tires and they should be 32PSI.

For some models, they have a nice setup where you can see the tire pressure for each tire on a display like this:


If you don’t have a displace, some models actually just tell you which tire is low. But in our case, it’s only tell us one of tire pressure is low, we have to figure it out by ourselves.

If you want to know more about tire pressure, check your owner’s manual and see what the solid light means. In most situations, the solid light will mean that your tires are under-inflated. If your light is flashing, it could mean that you’re using your spare or TPMS malfunction in the tire pressure monitoring system. So the lights going to go off when the tire pressure is 25% low. If you’re 1 or 2 PSI below your level, it might not go off. But once you go around five or more PSI below the recommended pressure of your tires, the lights going to go off.

The first thing you’re going to do is you can visually inspect the tires to see if there’s any obviously low tires. Form our model car, we can’t see there’s any evident.


There’s one thing we need to know, every 10 degrees Fahrenheit you could get a 1 PSI increase or decrease. So if the temperature is increasing 10 degrees you could get an increase in pressure by 1PSI, and if there’s a decrease in 10 degrees you get a pressure that’s lowered by 1PSI.

Now we use an accurate pressure reader so that we get a good reading from tire.

Since our car has been sitting for about an hour so the temperature of the tire is around the ambient temperature. If your tire is warm, you might have a little bit of an increase in pressure because as you drive there’s a rotational friction and all that stuff the brakes are hot and it could increase the temperature.



After checking, We get all tire pressure value from our tire. All of them are 27PSI.That means these tires need to be cranked up to 32PSI.

Use a compressor to pump them up.



We keep it at 32.5PSI because we are dropping in temperature decent amount everyday.

With all four tires inflated, it may take up to two minutes of driving over 20 mph(32km/h) for the light to turn off after you have filled your tires to the recommended inflation pressure.


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