How to Quick Reset Tire Light(TPMS)by Yourself for Subaru Ascent

When your tire light comes on, it’s never a good thing. Because it means there’s something wrong. Now it could be a malfunction but the problem could in fact be a lot worse and either way you’ve got to deal with it, but the good news is it’s simple to do.

In this post we’ll show you how to get your tire light to go off in a way that you can do yourself.




Actually, tire Light=TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitoring System), more information about TPMS, please refer to TPMS.

There is an electronic sensor behind valve stem. They’re self-contained and all they do is monitor tire pressure, and they report back to your car what the pressure is and that’s what can trigger that light.


So if there’s anything going on that triggers the light.


The number one reason that your tire light is on is because your tire pressure is actually set wrong.

First thing to do:

Check your tire pressure at the right time.

Check/adjust tires when the tires are cold.

Open your driver’s door and check out this label



You’ll find the exact tire pressure settings. they’re might be different normally from your front to your rear and for your spare tire

After noted that, check or adjust tire pressure when the tires are cold. Better do it in the morning before you drive your car.


The next thing is check and adjust the pressure you need to do it on all four tires. Do not skip below step it’s the biggest reason the light will end up stained on.

Tire#1 – Driver side rear


Tire#2 – Driver side front


Tire#3 – Passenger side front


Tire#4 – Passenger side rear


Spare tire


Don’t forget the space tire.

Many spare tires actually have one of those TPMS sensors in them which means that you have to adjust that tire as well, although not all spare tires have TPMS sensors, you really can’t tell which ones do or don’t.

The spare tire of Subaru ascent is located under the bumper.


Remember your spare is almost uses different pressure.



After correct your five tires pressure but the light still on.

The last thing is start your car and drive around for about ten minutes or more and the light will go out automatically on its own.


If you do all the steps but tire light still on , you have to go to your dealer because those sensors do fail or they need replacing.

More cases of Subaru, please visit SUBARU.

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