Honda Civic TPMS Sensor ID Memorizing by Honda HIM HDS

When you replace the TPMS control unit, replace the tire pressure sensor, or substitute a

good wheel with tire pressure sensor, you will need to get the all 4 tire pressure sensor IDs memorized.So here I share a guide on how to use Honda HIM HDS software to memorize TPMS for Honda Civic 2008.Let’s jump right in now!


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Honda HIM HDS Tool

TPMS trigger tool

Honda HDS Software Download

How to install Honda HIM HDS Software




Before perform the operations,please let the vehicle sit for at least 5 munities to allow the tire pressure sensors to switch to sleep mode. The vehicle with the new tire sensor must be at least 10 ft (3m) away from other vehicles

that have sensors.



Step1: Connect the Honda diagnostic tool with vehicle via OBD port on the driver’s side under the dashboard.

Step2: Turn ignition ON.

Step3: Make sure Honda HIM HDS Diagnostic Tool is well communicated with TPMS control module.


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