VW Jetta SIMOS 3.3 ECU Inner IC Function Illustrate (Repair)

This post illustrate SIMOS 3.3 ECU inner board IC function.If you want to repair SIMOS 3.3 ECU,this is help for to you.


The electrical components mark on the pictures include:

Power supply amplifier

Power supply MOSFET

Immobilizer controller

Air conditioner driver chip

RPM amplifier

Rectifying diode

SMD Beads

12 volt voltage-stabiling

Regulator diode

Carbon Canister and oxygen heating driver chip

CAN Transceiver chip

SMD inductance

Oxygen sensor signal processor

Flash chip

Signal amplifier transistor

RAM chip

Ignition driver chip

Fuel injection driver chip

Throttle valve motor driver chip

Detonationos signal processor


Follow below inner PCB picture:


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