Volvo PTT Accelerator Pedal Test for Volvo FMX 440

This instruction show you guide on how to use Volvo PTT to do accelerator pedal test for Volvo FMX 440 truck.



2024 Volvo  TechTool PTT 2.8.241 APCI All Version Free Download

Volvo Diagnostic Kit (88890300)

Volvo VOCOM 88890300 Diagnostic Kit


Connect Volvo diagnostic interface to Volvo FMX 440 truck,then run Volvo PTT software.

Click “Test”–>”27 Engine controls”

Select “Accelerator pedal,test”,after then click “Start”


Click “OK” to continue


If you have access “Accelerator pedal,test”,click “Start” button


Here in the diagram,highlighted blue is the chart for the accelerator pedal position from 0-100%


Then for the red graph that is for idle switch 1.

So here are only two positions named position 0 and 1.

If zero position means “idle switch” is not yet active and if position is one then “idle switch” is already active.


Idle switch 1 will be activated when the accelerator pedal position is between 8-13%

When the accelerator pedal is stepped fully,then the accelerator pedal position is at 100%.

If it show below 100%,then the accelerator pedal need fix.


The follow is the position of the accelerator pedal not steppe on,the it show accelerator pedal position is at 0%.


After accelerator pedal test done,check the “OK” box,then click “Stop” button


And exit it.

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