Volkswagen Passat Flameout Suddenly And Can Not Start Engine

This post show a real auto repair case on Volkswagen Passat flameout trouble.A VW Passat owner called our technicians about the trouble his Passat flameout suddenly and can not start the engine again.

VW Passat


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Vehicle info:

Model: Volkswagen Passat


Mileage:about 240,000 miles


Trouble symptoms:

Flameout suddenly

Can not start the engine again


VW Passat Flameout Analysis & Dianosis:

Our technicians tested the Passat found that the engine can be start normally,but engine off when hand leaving the ignition key.And found the DTC 17978–Engine Start Blocked by Immobilizer.But there are not DTCs exit in the immobilizer system.


According to the vehicle testing resault,the fuel and ignition system trouble result in engine flameout can be ruled out,it most likely that the flameout trouble caused by ECU problem.


Firstly,technicians detected the power voltage of ignition,use multi-meter to measure the voltage of ignition coil when turning the igniiton,the voltage value is normal.


Next,technicians measured the voltage of injector,it showed only 8 volt,lower than normal value.But detected the wire harness between injector and ECU,all of them are normal.So technicians measured the voltage of :Hall sensor,oxygen sensor,crankshaft position sensor,all the voltage value of them are lower than normal value.


Further measurements revealed that the output voltage of the ignition was low,and the supply volate was normal only when the ignition was in the start position,which explains why the engine can only be start when starting.It means the ignition switch caused the engine flameout trouble.



Replace the ignition switch,then the VW Passat can be started correctly.

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