VW Golf Hard to Start DTC P0342 and Warning Light on

A VW Golf made 2013 1.6L automatic transmission with 50 thousands kilometers,the owner described that it is hard to start engine at the beginning of repairing.And this article share the whole experience of this troubleshoot progress.


Trouble Diagnose:

Technicians got the trouble code P0342:Camshaft Position Sensor “A” Circuit Low, by diagnostic tool.Technicians replaced the position sensor,than cleard the trouble code.And this trobule was solved.

VW Golf Hard to Start DTC P0342 and Warning Light on-1

But serval days later,the owner of VW Golf came back and told that the trouble appeared again.This time technician believed that there were errors occur on wire or ECU board.And then to detect power voltage,signal voltage and GND voltage.They showed 5V,11.5 V and 0 V (normal).

VW Golf Hard to Start DTC P0342 and Warning Light on-2

Then technicians use diagnostic tool to read the trouble code and data stream,and then re-check the wire circuit and connector,and found it is normal.Technician found some scrap iron on the position sensor when removing the postion sensor.Clear the scrap iron and installed it back to test,found trouble disappeared.


In order to prevent the recurrence of the failure,technician recommended owner to clean the engine and replace the engine oil.After repalcing the new engine oil the trouble be excluded absolutely.


Maintenance summary:

This trouble caused by locking maintenance awareness and bad engine oil.The engine was worn seriously.Then scrap iron tear on the surface of postion sensor,then the trouble occurd.Maintenance technician need to check the trouble carefully,and need to know the principle of components enough.

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