Volkswagen 01130 ABS Operation: Implausible Signal Trouble Repair

It is a real repair case from a vehicle workshop on how to repair Volkswagen ABS operation:implausible signal 01130 trouble repair.And for more about VW repair,please refer to Volkswagen trouble repair.


What is the symptoms:

1.ABS warning light on

2.ABS system invalid

3.Get trouble 01130 fault code


Possible Causes

Fuse(s) faulty

Modifications/Retrofits incompatible

Wiring from/to Brake Electronics Control Module (J104) faulty

Brake Electronics Control Module (J104) faulty


Repair Experience:

Remove the J104 to check the PCB board,and found the CPU with the bad connection.

Re-solder the J104 CPU QGF1307 on the PCB,then test the car vehicle trouble solved.

Volkswagen-01130-ABS-Operation-Implausible-Signal-Trouble-Repair-1 Volkswagen-01130-ABS-Operation-Implausible-Signal-Trouble-Repair-2


Kindly Note:

You need test the road test speed up to 20km/h (12mph),then clear the fault code,other it can not be cleared.

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