Volkswagen MED17 ECU Communication Trouble Repair Experience

Here is a real repair experience shared by my blog reader called Kong.He has a workshop,and here repaired a Volkswagen MED17 ECU trouble last week,so here i shared his experiences.Hope it helps,and big thank to Jim.And for more about VW repair,please refer to Volkswagen trouble repair.


After disassemble the ECU,there was a damaged wire,so first solder and fix the damaged wire.After the test the MED17 ECU PCB,the capacitance got a shortcut trouble.


Remove the power chip to check shortcut status:

1.Shortcut fixed (replace a new power chip)

2.Shortcut still exist(Remove infineon to test).After infineon removal and shortcut fixed,then test ECU PCB electrical current.If the multi-meter have electrical current value,it mean CPU work,otherwise CPU damaged need to replace.

Volkswagen-MED17-ECU-Communication-Trouble-Repair-Experience-1 Volkswagen-MED17-ECU-Communication-Trouble-Repair-Experience-2

After remove the power chip to test capacitance work fine,so here replace power chip,then error fixed!!!.


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