Audi A6L 3G & 3G+ Navigation Trouble Repair Solution

Here collect some repair solution for Audi A6L 3G navigation trouble,please try it at your own risks.And for Audi A6 repair,please check here:Audi A6 repair projects.


Trouble 1:Audi A6L 3G navigation screen black can not display.

Solution:Remove J794 driver and module,then measure the current

If the current show 0.65-0.7A,it may mean data damaged,recommend you re-write GL512

If the current show 0.7-0.8A,it is recommend you to check A5 processor

Audi-A6L-3G-3G-Navigation-Trouble-Repair-Solution-1 Audi-A6L-3G-3G-Navigation-Trouble-Repair-Solution-2



Trouble 2:Audi A6L 3G navigation is initializing,but SD card can not be loaded

Solution 2:

1.Replace 40G driver and rewrite data

2.Replace GL512 chip data


Trouble 3:Audi 3G Plus navigation loading and stop the process at 11%

Solution 3:

1.Replace 60 driver,and rewrite data

2.Replace GL512 chip data

(when 3G plus loading process at 11%,it will caused recorder can not read CD.)


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