How to Solve TokenMaster’s ESYS Launcher PREMIUM Asking Activation Code

In this instruction,i will show you guide on how to solve TokenMaster’s E-sys Launcher premium asking for activation code problem.

You should not require an activation code to use launcher if you are in USA or Canada. Do you have a language other than English set as default in windows? A block on the software from the developer, Token Master (who is a very busy guy and COULD take many weeks to respond to your e-mail) was written to make people in China, Italy & Russia have to activate the software through him because many people were selling his software for a profit in these regions of the world.

You may have another language from one of these regions set as an option or default language in Windows. This is likely causing the activation prompt in ESYS Launcher PREMIUM.



Steps to Correct this Issue:

1.Uninstall Launcher

2.Reset System Locale to English – USA

3.Reboot PC

4.Reinstall and run launcher

5.Activation block should be gone and you should be able to use the software as instructed in the guide


Here is a good step-by-step guide written by Microsoft to reset the System Locale to US-English:

1.Open a Windows PowerShell prompt.


2.Display the locale information on the computer by running the following command:


3.Set the locale for the region and language that you want. For example, the following command sets the system locale to English (USA):

Set-WinSystemLocale en-US

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