Toyota TIS Techstream v12.20.024 Installation Guide

Toyota TIS Techstream v12.20.024 have been released,and china obd2 provide the free download and introduce How to install Toyota TIS Techstream v12.20.024.At end of article you would better to watch the video installation guide for more detail.Hope it is helpful!


a new version Toyota Techstream 17.00.020 2022.02 Installation Guide


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Here comes the easy step-by-step guide on installation of Toyota TIS Techstream v12.20.024


Step 1:Extract the package,and build a new folder on desktop,then copy the all file in the package and paste all of them into the new folder

Step 2:Open “Techstream Setup v12.20.024”

Step 3: Select language you want,then click “Next”

Step 4:Wait for progress bar complete,then click “Next”

Select “I accept the terms of the license agreement”—>click “Next”

Step 5:Input the username and company,then click “Next”—>click “Install”

Step 6:Wait for progress bar complete,then click “Finish”

Step 7:Copy the file “MainMenu”

Right click the Techstream icon on the desktop,and select “Properties”–>

Open File Location,replace the “MainMenu” file with you copy before.

Step 8:Open the “MVCI Driver for TOYOTA” file–>click “Next”–>click”Install”

Wait for progress bar complete,then click “Finish”

Step 9:Run the Techstream on the desktop,and it will pop-up a window with massage

“Techstream requires plug-in utilities to operate property……”

Click “Yes”,and the the IE explorer will pop-up,just close it.

Step 10:Select “Software Registration”

Open the text file named “Instructions” in the “new folder” you build before.

Copy the key number”111111111111111111111111…………”

Paste it into the blank of “New Key”


Toyota TIS Techstream v12.20.024 Installation Video Guide:


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