Techstream Program TPMS Sensor for Toyota Tacoma 2015

Here comes the guide on How to program TPMS sensor for Toyota Tocoma 2015.And this guide can apply to most toyota vehicle,and if you find your vehicle do not equiped with TPMS,you need to install TPMS sensor firstly,read How to install TPMS sensors by yourself.And I put the TPMS installation and programming video guide at the end of article,you can watch the video guide to get detail information.And for beginner,you can check this to learn how to use Techstream software:Toyota TIS Techstream Video+PDF Tutorial


Note:Before you installing TPMS sensors,you need to recored the ID code of each TPMS sensor.Because you need to enter these ID codes when programming TPMS sensors.

ID code-1 ID code-2


Tools you need to Program TPMS sensor for Toyota Tacoma.

*1 A laptop installed with Toyota TIS Techstream Software.

*2 A Mini VCI OBD2 Cable for Techsteram


Procedures of Programming TPMS sensors for Toyota Tacoma

Step 1:Plug Mini VCI OBD2 Cable to vehicle via OBD2 port and USB side to laptop.

Open the Techsteram software,and Click the “Connect to Vehicle” at the top left corner.

Screen will display “Connnecting to vehicle,please wait”

click connect to vehicle-1

Then vehicle information show on pop-up window



Model Year: 2015


Step 2: Click “Next” and wait for completion of progress bar.

click next option-3

Step 3:Click “Tire Pressure Monitor” and wait.

click tire pressure monitor-4

Then click “Utility”

click Utility-5

Click “ID Registration”

click ID Registration-6

Then pop-up window show the hint massage.Click “Next” to continue

“Welcome to the Tire ID Registration wizard

This function will register tire IDs for the Tire Pressure Warning system.

Note:Registration will fail if the time limit is exceeded for any step.

Warning:Registration will fail if the system is still in the process of initialization.

Press Next to proceed.”

click next-7

Step 4:Show “Step 2 of 4” and you need to click “next”

click next-8

Then screen show “Step 3 of 4” just click “click”

Step 5:Techstream show “Step 4 of 4”,and you need to enter the ID code of each TPMS sensor,the click “Next”.Redo this procedure 4 times.

enter TPMS sensor ID code-9

When you entering fourth ID code,it will remind you ID Registration is completed.Then click “Exit”.

Finally Click “Data List”,you will see the TPMS sensors information.

click data list-10 tpms sensor information-11

HERE is the Installation and Programming TPMS sensors for Toyota Tacoma by Toyota TIS Techstream Video Guide

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