Toyota Servo Motor Initialization by Launch X431

Servo motor initialization is available under work support menu of AC of X431 TOP software.

TOYOTA-16 connector or CAN BUS connector is used for non-CAN system. CAN BUSII connector is used for CAN BUS system.


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This function is used to initialize the parameter of actuator of servo motor, and to initialize the communication between ECU and actuator after replacing ECU or demounting battery.

The main procedures are introduced as below:

Toyota Servo Motor Initialization by Launch X431-1

After clicking FUNCTION MENU, the screen will display the Process 1/3 Menu. It will prompt you that: If you want to change actuator, ECU and remove battery, please do this operation. Press ‘YES’ to do servo motor initialization. Press ‘NO’ to exit.

Toyota Servo Motor Initialization by Launch X431-2

After confirming this operation, the screen will display Process 2/3 Menu: servo motor initialization. Note: please do this operation with ignition switch ON, A/C OFF and P gear. After satisfying these conditions, press OK to enter Process 3/3 Menu: [servo motor initialization] begin. After DEF blinking indicator turn OFF, press OK, then this operation is finished.

Toyota Servo Motor Initialization by Launch X431-3

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