Takeuchi TB128 Mini Excavator Engine Removal & Installation

This instruction show you guide on how to remove and install engine for Takeuchi TB128 mini excavator.



Removing the engine

1.Disconnect the battery ground cable from the battery terminal.

2.Remove the engine hood and the side cover. “Removing the covers”

3.Remove the counterweight. “Removing the upper frame”

4.Tilt up the floor frame.

5.Disconnect the electrical wiring to the air cleaner (14).

6.Remove the air cleaner (14).

7.Remove the Radiator and oil cooler. “Removing the Radiator and oil cooler”

8.Remove the drain hose. “Removing the Radiator and oil cooler”

9.Remove the hydraulic pump.”Removing the hydraulic pump”

10.Disconnect the fuel hoses.”Removing the fuel tank”

11.Disconnect the battery cable and the electrical wirings from the engine side.

Attach an identification label to each wiring.

12.Disconnect the engine ground cable (16).

13.Disconnect the accelerator wire from the engine, and remove it together with the bracket. “Adjusting the engine throttle lever”

14.Remove the bolts, and then detach the cushion rubbers.

Bolt: ThreeBond #1324

Bolt: 102 N·m

15.Suspend the engine.

128 kg


Installing the engine

For installation of the engine, follow the same procedure as for removal in the reverse order


More information about Takeuchi excavator workshop manual please refer to:Takeuchi Excavator Workshop EPC+Service Manual 2018 PDF Files

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