Nissan ZF Transmission Accelerator Pedal Error Diagnostic Guide

This instruction show you guide on how to diagnose Nissan Japan ZF transmission accelerator pedal error,CAN-signal error indicator.

ZF Transmission on Nissan Differential Speed Trouble Repair Guide

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Diagnostic Procedures:

ZF Failure number: 003

Failure description: Error on ”Accelerator pedal”

Failure detection: CAN-Signal Error Indicator

ZF-internal name: e_ACCPedalPos_ERROR

ZF-internal type: DI_ET_INVALID_SIGNAL

System reaction: ErrorLevel 1

Failure reset condition: No Failure Signal

If failure reset condition is fulfilled: System reaction is reset after ignition off


Signal path: EDCÆ Accelerator pedal

Pertained component: EDC, Accelerator pedal


Failure Number: 003


Failure Number: 003


Check Accelerator pedal–>Change Accelerator pedal

Check CAN connection,cable to EDC–>Repair connecting cable

Check Engine Controller -EDC–>Change Engine Controller -EDC

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