Doosan Excavator Machine ID Registration by Doosan DMS-5

Doosan ECU can record the ID number and the engine of the equipment. After the ECU reprogram,engine number and the machine serial number is not saved. You must save the engine number and the machine serial number.This instruction show the main steps on how to use Doosan DMS-5 software to register machine ID for Doosan excavator.



Doosan Data Monitoring System DMS-5 DMS-3 Free Download

Daios Doosan EPC Excavator Part Catalog 2017 Download & Installation



Select in communication

View all : press the ‘view all’ button to see all the EOL data.

CUID_D_DSID_CUC : Record the serial number and engine surfaces.

CUID_D_VIN_CUC : Make a note of the machine serial number.

CUID_D_VMS3_CUC : Record the machine model number.

“Apply” : To apply the new values to the ECU.

“Open selection” : Open the data items stored in the computer.

“Save selection” : Save the selected data items.

Doosan Excavator Machine ID Registration by Doosan DMS-5

Open:Open the value and specific service data previously stored.

Save:Save the data to a specific value.

Change the Data:Check the EOL to modify data values. “√” appears on the entry of ‘SEL’. Insert a new value in the ‘Value’ column, click “Apply”. The new value is stored in the ECU. The valid input values, click the “Disconnect ECU” and wait for a few minutes. The new value is shown on the ECU information.

Warning: Always, when you change the EOL data and ECU reprogram the engine must be stopped. (The key is ‘On’ status)

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