Mercedes Benz AMG Logo Active by FVDI

This article is show you guide on how to us FVDI active AMG Logo for Mercedes Benz.



-Save complete variant coding of KI/IC/DASH->maybe necessary

-Save always original Eeprom –>if new Eeprom does not fit you may write the original one back Possibilities:

-Switch a non amg cluster into a amg cluster but you need a new km plate then

-Switch the digital KI/IC/DASH withoit any hardware changes

1Start Mercedes V7.0


2Open special functkions

Choose read/update Confdata


3Choose the write Dash/KI/IC

Read will download the original Dash/KI/IC Eeeprom -PERFOM THIS ALLWAYS Save to file will save the read Eeprom data


4Choose the Bin file you want to write into Dash/KI/IC


5Pressing update will upload the data into Dash/KI/IC


6Message that the upload is completed should appear


7Turn off ignition

8Close door

9Close car

10 Open car

11 DASH/KI/IC should show AMG startup logo

12Three dashes should appear for km—

13Error shpuld appear that DASH/KI/IC is not adapted/tought in.

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