Mercedes Benz ECU Renewal Tool 1.7 Free Download

What is Mercedes Benz ECU Renewal Tool?

Mercedes Benz ECU Renewal Tool is a software that you can use it to renew the ECU eeprom.

Note:Before you download or running this Mercedes Benz ECU renewal tool,you would better to close you anti-virus software,it will be reported as virus.And this software run safely on computer.


Mercedes Benz ECU Renewal Tool Support OS:

Window XP/7/8/10 32bit and 64 bit



Mercedes Benz ECU Renewal Tool Support ECU:

  • ME2.8 (EEPROM-5p08)
  • ME2.7 (EEPROM-5p08)
  • ME2.0 (MCU HC11E9)
  • MR1 (MCU HC11E9)
  • SIM4LE A111(FLASH-29F400)
  • SIM4LE A000(FLASH-29F400)
  • SIM4LKE A271(FLASH-29F800)
  • A613 CDI(EEPROM-5P80)
  • A646 CDI(EEPROM-5P160)
  • A646 CDI(EEPROM-5P320)
  • A000 CDI(EEPROM-5P320)
  • A646 CDI(EEPROM-5P80)
  • A612 CDI(EEPROM-5P80)
  • A022 CDI(EEPROM-5P80)
  • A024 CDI(EEPROM-5P80)
  • A628 CDI(EEPROM-5P80)
  • A628 CDI(CAT-25C080)
  • ME9.7(FLASH-M58B)
  • ME9.7(EEPROM-95080)


How to Use Mercedes Benz ECU Renewal Tool?

First take your eeprom out of your ecu some ecu of benz cannot be open so you need to use some other tools rather than ak500.Such as Xprog,Abrites, or other programmers.
If your ecu can be opened then take eeprom out and put it on ak500 you can search on google and see the program which tells you what kind of eeprom the ecu has based on your ecu number.
Read the eeprom then renew it with the software.
After that flash back the renewed dump.
This requires some skills.
Do not attempt it in a working car.


Mercedes Benz ECU Renewal Tool v1.7 Free Download:!vptQkATa!ckjkVHXYnsoBXpZC37Ivl14RvjZrfnpH7TKYsvOvJW4

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