Mercedes Benz 722.9 VGS Offline Replace via FVDI

This article show a guide on how to use FVDI do offline replacement for Mercedes Benz 722.9 VGS.There big thanks to MHH forum members selfless share!!!



Your machine must be offline enabled and flash data mounted!!!!

Read out/save SCN coding and EHS# from vehicle using OBDII connector

Printout your control unit version page

Set up virgin vgs to fvdi on bench using the obd connector according to the following:


1.12v to pin 16 on OBD and pin 4 on ETC

2.CAN HIGH pin 6 on OBD->>>pin 1 on ETC

3.CAN LOW pin 14 on OBD—>>>pin 2 on ETC

4.Signal GROUND pin 5 on OBD—->>>>pin 5 on ETC

5.Chassis GROUND pin 4 on OBD—–>>>ground on power-supply

Mercedes Benz 722.9 VGS Offline Replace via FVDI

Transfer SCN coding and EHS# you saved into the virgin VGS

—>Replace VGS

—>Plug in old control module to car(I let it hang from connector)

—>Go into development data in ETC->control unit adaptations->Read coding and/or transfer download data to new control unit

—>follow the next steps(it will say that not all coding can be exchanged….(its ok) after you plug back in and it transfers coding it will say not all data could be exchanged, do you want to do manual settings now? say later/NO

—>On main ETC page

—>control unit version, make sure your EHS# matches the original from the control unit version page you printed out, just the EHS# must match, If it does not match goto èdevelopment data-

—>control unit adaptations(download)


—>enter the original EHS# from control unit version sheet you printed at the very beginning of job. 1 means it was transferred 😉

Well, now in the Main ETC page

—>Control unit adaptations

—>control module programming

—>offline programming

—>hard disk data. (I use a LAN cable with my C4 for this just to make sure complete programming will be successfully done 😛

—>control unit adaptations

èdetach transport/personalize/activate

—>follow prompted steps.



Please note that: this process has been proven and tested on cars with VGS2 and newer only.

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