Launch X431 Perform ECU Coding for VW Models

ECU code is a trigger data of in-vehicle unit. Each control unit has a relevant code, and the same model has different configures and codes. For example, the codes for two airbags are different form that for four airbags when installing. If you programme the code of two airbags installed to the control unit of four airbags, the two airbags may not be triggered.

Launch X431 Perform ECU Coding for VW Models

When need to code control unit? After installing control unit, “Control Unit Code” may be stored in ECU, but you should perform coding operation again. If you don’t do that, vehicle running malfunctions may be present, such as accelerating fault, in-gear malfunction, and engine rough running. Malfunction indicator is off when these occur. You can not check trouble codes through a scanner. Please check if ECU code is error. Trouble code will cause: bleeding value high and shifting impact, enlarging A/T load,the implausible trouble codes are stored in malfunction memorizer.


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Operation on coding ECU:

1.Select systems, e.g. ABS、AT、SRS.

2.Enter “Coding ECU” menu;

3.Enter code( normal for 5 digits);

4.Click “OK” then a prompt “ coding successful” will pop up;

5.Close key and save the memory value.


Precautions on coding:

1.Before changing ECU, please connect the faulty ECU with X431, and enter reading ECU information function, record or print the ECU code, such as 04502, and number of the ECU parts,

such as 06A906033. When you buy a new ECU from the franchiser, you should provide the details

of vehicle. Sometimes you buy it via the number of parts only, so the provider may sell you the

incorrect module. You can not programme it. Make sure that the number of new parts is the same as the old. And the code for new module is 00000, you can programme it.


2.A prompt “Coding Successfully” will pop up, but this does not mean coding has been completed.Close key after prompting “Coding Successfully”. Save the data in ECU.


3.If coding failed, check the system is normal or not, the code is correct or not, and the number of parts is the same as the factory default.


4.The code is normally 5 digits, and sometimes 7 digits.

Code for VW(only for reference)

Model, system, code



System                                     Code

01 Engine system                  08001(old model)、04001(new model)

03 Brake system                   04505、00000、03604、01091、02802

15 ABS                                     12878



System                                                       Code

01 Engine system                                    04002、04502、06252、04552

02 A/T                                                       00004、00013

03 Brake system                                      00022、00021、06169、00031

17 Instrument Cluster                             00144、07262、00162、00062

08 A/C heat system                                00160、00140、00060、00061 (America)

15 ABS                                                       00004、00204、00106

35 Central locking system                    06731、04683、00001

66 Seat/mirror adjustment                  01106、00106



System                                                              Code

01 Engine system                                            04502,04097

15 ABS                                                               22599,12364(China),00065,00066,00067(America)

03 Brake system 03604



System                                                           Code

01 Engine system                                         00001(2 valves)、04000(5 valves)

03 Brake system                                           01901(2 valves),03604(5 valves)

15 ABS                                                             02610(double airbags),02611(single airbag),65535(general code),00065



System                                                        Code

01 Engine system                                     00017、12878

03 Brake system                                       0001097

09 ECU                                                      25612

15 ABS                                                       12343

17 Instrument Cluster                             00141

19 Gateway CAN bus                               00014

44 Steering power system                      10140

46 Central module                                   00064

56 Radio system                                       00001



System                                                       Code

01 Engine system                                   26500、26530

03 Brake system                                     0001025、0021505

15 ABS                                                      12875

17 Instrument Cluster                           01102、05122

19 Gateway CAN bus                             00006

46 Central module                                  00259



System                                              Code

01 Engine system                           00033

02 A/T                                              00000

03 Brake system                            01025

15 ABS                                             12855

17 Instrument Cluster                  00259

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