How to Use HINO DX3 Simulation Function

HINO DX3 Simulation functions is new feature for HINO DX3,which make your work easy and improve your skills.Here show you guide on how to use it.


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1.Select ON in Simulation mode, enter the user ID and password; then press the [Login] button.


2.The DX III home screen appears.

• During Simulation mode, “sim” is displayed at the bottom left of the home screen.
• Functions that are grayed out cannot be used during Simulation mode.


3.Click or press the [Connect] button


4.Since the Vehicle Selection Method screen is displayed,select the method for obtaining vehicle information. Press the [Vehicle Classification] button.
• If you enter a VIN for which the on-board device information is automatically uploaded to GSPS, you can perform the simulation with the on-board device information applied.


5.Select the vehicle classification and Area; select the software number of each device; then press the [OK] button.


Click or press the [Diagnosis/Customization] button.


7.Reading DTCs starts.
• While the DTCs are being read, a message stating, “the vehicle information is being read out,” is displayed.


8.The System Selection screen is displayed. Each function can be simulated.
• Subsequent operations are the same as in normal mode.
• Operation during the Simulation mode is not recorded in the history.


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