How to Use Cat ET 2023A LED Pair Configuration Function

CAT ET 2024A LED Pair Configuration function customizes or programs the LED characteristics or horn in an Annunciator Module.


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Depending upon the module, select “RS-485 Annunciator Configuration” or “LED Pair Configuration” from the Service menu. The LED Pair Configuration screen is displayed.


Screen Layout

Note: If the LED Pair Configuration screen has been accessed via the RS-485 selection, the Select Group drop-down is displayed. Users may select to view the LED Pair information for Alarm Group #1 or Alarm Group #2.


The LED Pair Configuration screen consists of the LED Pair Configuration table, which contains the following columns:

Led Pair # – Identifies the LED Pair

Trigger Condition – Allows the LED Pair to be disabled or to be configured to be triggered by a Specific or General Event

Severity Level – Details the type of alert to be displayed

Suspect Parameter Number – Details the parameter that is associated with the trigger event

Failure Mode Identifier – Sets the Failure Mode Identifier if the Severity Level field is set to “Specific Diagnostic”



The button available in the LED Pair Configuration screen is Change.



To configure a LED Pair:

Highlight the desired LED Pair by clicking the appropriate row.

Click the Change button. The “Change LED Pair Configuration” dialog is displayed.

Configure the Trigger Condition, Security Level, Suspect Parameter Number, and/or Failure Mode Identifier as desired and as available.

Click OK to confirm the changes. Click Cancel to exit the “Change LED Pair Configuration” dialog without making changes.


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