How to Solve PCC1302 Code 427 CAN Data Link Degraded Error

This instruction show you guide on how to solve PCC1302 fault code 427 CAN Data Link Degraded error.


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Communication between the engine control (ECM) and the generator set control is severed.


Possible Causes:
1The Engine ECM has lost power or failed
2The CAN datalink has failed

Diagnosis and Repair:
1.The Engine ECM has lost power or failed
a.Emergency (E-Stop) button is a closed relay when it is pulled out (not active), and open relay when depressed (active). The E-Stop button on the Operator Panel disables power to the engine ECM when it is depressed (active); CAN-LINK communication will cease when power to the ECM is lost. Ensure that the E-Stop is not active on the control. Follow the procedure below:

Reset the Local/Remote Emergency Stop
a.Pull-out (not active) the Local/Remote Emergency Stop button.
b.Press the Off button on the Operator Panel.
c.Press the Reset button.
d.Select Manual or Auto as required.
b.Ensure that the emergency stop button is functioning correctly, measure the outputs of the E-Stop (Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts) and ensure that the outputs switch state correctly when engaged and disengaged, replace the switch if faulty.
c.Check the wiring from the base board.

d.Keyswitch control relay is a normally open relay. Ensure that B+ is available at the relay input, then measure the voltage output. If there is a B+ at both the input and output of the Keyswitch control relay, the relay is not faulty. If B+ is noted at the input but not at the output of the Keyswitch control relay, replace the relay.
e.Connect to the engine ECM with InPower and/or Insite, to verify that the ECM is functioning properly and is communicating with the CAN-LINK network. Refer to the engine service manual for ECM troubleshooting procedures, if the ECM is faulty, then replace.
2.The CAN datalink has failed
a.There is a defective datalink harness connection, or open circuit; inspect the Datalink harness and connector pins from J11-20 to J1939+ and from J11-19 to J1039-; also check the shield ground connection at J11-17.

b.Check the terminating resistors. With connector J11 disconnected from the base board and the engine datalink connection disconnected from the ECM control,measure resistance between pins J11-19 and J11-20 (60 ohms is satisfactory). If the resistance is not 60 ohms, check the terminating resistors. Each of the two terminating resistors should be 120 ohms, replace if not 120 ohms.

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