How to select Car HUD for your car?

How about select a Car HUD to show you vehicle current speed, rotation speed, water temperature, battery voltage, tips for shifting gear, fuel consumption, unit of kilometers, and buzzer mark. It is a great idea for keep vehicle and passengers’ security, and how to select a proper one for your car?


What you only want to do is to know the type of your vehicle.

When purchasing HUD, you need to choose the type of vehicle that meets the OBDII standards for normal use. Open the engine hood and find the paster below it (see the picture below), if it has words like OBDII CERTIFIED, then it can be installed.

How to select Car HUD for your car-1

Therefore, introduce you a new arrival of car HUD in May, 2014 on, F01Car HUD Vehicle Head up Display.


This is a multi-functional HUD product which is developed based on OBDⅡ interface and has good cost-performance ratio. It is designed by adopting the latest integrated circuit with stable performance and has a beautiful and elegant appearance. The installation and adjustment examination can be finished within 3 minutes by using an easier and safer method.

How to select Car HUD for your car-2

F01 Car HUD Screen functions show as above picture.

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