How to Reset Drill Depth for JCB 3CX/4CX/5CX Backhoe Loader

The procedure outlined below describes how to reset the drill depth on the JCB Pilemaster machine. This process does not require any additional tooling or diagnostics equipment and is carried out through the rear display service menu.


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Drill Depth Reset Procedure

1 Ensure that all of the emergency stop buttons are ‘out’ and have not been pressed.

2 Turn the machine’s ignition ON.

3 Ensure the rear display is ON and wait for the drill information screen to show.

Note: if the rear display does not switch ON, re-check the emergency stop buttons.

4 Press the F4 button. The display should now show the drill depth reset menu.

How to Reset Drill Depth for JCB 3CX4CX5CX Backhoe Loader

5 Press F2 to reset the drill depth. Pressing F3 will abort the process.

6 Once the drill depth has been reset (or aborted), the display will return to the drill information screen.

7 The drill depth, max depth and min depth should all be set to 0.


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