How to Replace Transmission Mount for Mercedes E-Class W212 2009-2016

The car developed a vibration from the drive shaft area under the car between speed 30-50km/h, this instruction will show you guide on how to fix that issue by changing the transmission mount.

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The transmission mount is at the end of the transmission where the transmission connects to the drive shaft


After check the drive shaft bushing if it’s cracked or worn it will cause vibration


The car started vibrating between 30-50km/h after visual inspection of the mount it looked a little collapsed from the inside

There 13mm bolts hold the mount from the bottom, unscrew it


Removing this bracket gives better access to the mount , two E12 bolts hold it on


Need a jack to lift the transmission. Use a piece of wood to protect the transmission pan from being damaged


Unlock two 16mm bolts hold the mount to the transmission, note the direction of the mount when removing it


Old and new transmission mount


Install new transmission mount. Need to jack the transmission a bit more due to the height difference between the old and new mount


After installation, put everything back, replacement is finished.


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