How to Replace the Hybrid Battery Fan Filter for 2010-2015 Prius Toyota

This instruction will show you how to replace two types hybrid battery fan filter which will prolong the life of your hybrid battery. It’s applies to 3rd Generation Prius 2010-2015.

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Keep filter clean and clear is the most important maintenance item on Toyota Hybrid. There is 2 possible filter part numbers for this model Prius.the part No. G92DH-47060 which is installed on late 2012+ Toyota we don’t recommend because it’s hard to install and clean, the Filter No. G92DH-47010 is the other filter that fits all models from 2010-2015.




Go to the passenger side of the rear seat and fold the seat back


Hold the whole piece, put your hand underneath it and lift up, as you lift us pull on the piece.


There is a hook on the top,pull it up to unhook it



Now you can get the old filter and replace or clean it.


Here we recommend another filter which fits all 2010-2015

Just need to put it on the vent and push the tabs


This filter is super easy to vacuum clean, and if you ever want to remove it, just put your finger underneath it then pull it out.

Please note all these filters are reusable.


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