5 Hidden Features You Might Don’t Know on Toyota Prius

You maybe didn’t know about some of them are mentioned in the owners manual. This instruction will show you 5 hidden feature on 2011 Toyota Prius, these features should work on 2010 too.



No. 1 Lock&Unlock four doors


If you press the lock and unlock button at the same time, the driver’s door will be locked or unlocked instead of all four doors. If you press it again, all four doors will be locked or unlocked instead of driver’s door.


No.2 Safety feature of power button


If you press power button while you’re driving, the car will stay on the hybrid system and nothing happen.


No.3 Safety feature of window


If your arm,hand or fingers out of the window but you didn’t realized and lift the window up, the window will go back down. There’s a resistance sensor so that it will go back when touch an object.


No.4 Reset the check the maintenance required light

Turn the car off or turn on the ignition to the off position, then hit the kilometer per hour button.


Push the brakes down, and hit the push-to-start button once. Keep holding the kilometer button until that loading is over the maintenance required. This reset it goes on every 4500 miles.


No.5 Emergency button when you run out of battery.


If you run out of battery, the car won’t start, you can hold this button and close to the power button, so that it will activate the transponders that does not need a battery.


More information about Toyota Prius, please refer to TOYOTA PRIUS REPAIR.


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