How to Add New Key for Toyota 4Runner 4Gen by Yourself Without Programmer

This mini post show you the guide on how to program a new key for Toyota 4Runner 4 gen by yourself,you do not need any device for it.And for more Toyota 4 Runner,please check my blog tag:Toyota 4Runner Projects



1.Buy a new blank Toyota transponder 4D-67 key from Amazon (about $15, it has a dot near base the of key shaft). Although advertised as an “OEM Toyota key”, it appears to be a Chinese clone (different metal color).

2.Have it cut by your local locksmith. Of note, my locksmith did chuckle at me and mentioned that he would be available to program the key for $50 as he wasn’t aware of any method of key programming without the proper computers.



1.Sit in your car with all doors closed (and doors unlocked)

2.Insert/remove your original master key to ignition 4 times (do not turn key)

3.Insert master key and leave it in the ignition

4.Open and close driver side door 6 times. Leave driver’s door closed on 6th cycle

5.Remove master key from key cylinder

6.Insert your new cut transponder key and turn to ON. The red immobilizer light (just above your climate control LCD info panel) will slowly blink. Once the immobilizer light stays off (about 60-80 seconds), you can remove the new key

7.Insert original master key and turn key to ON, then OFF to finish programming cycle

8.Try your new transponder key to start the car

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