How to Replace Hybrid Battery Fan Filter for 2020 Toyota Corolla

This instruction will show you guide on how you can service the hybrid fan filter on 2020 Toyota Corolla. This service applies to all Corolla hybrids 2020+.

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Before replacement, we need to know where is the filter. It is located underneath the passenger rear seat.



Use a phillips screwdriver to remove the clip. Since it’s plastic screw, you don’t put too much force into it.


Once it starts coming out a little bit, pull it out


Use a plastic trim tool or other small flat head tool to pop the cover off, start from the clip direction


You can find the filter on the backside


The filter is reusable, you can vacuum it out , blow air through it or you can replace it. The part No. Is G92DH-12020.

After cleaning or replacement, put everything back.


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