How to Replace Camshaft Position Sensor on Ford F-150 2004

If you’re reading a P0340 through a P0349 or a P0010 through a P0017, or your trucks running rough you’re having trouble starting that sort of thing it might be your camshaft position sensor. There is only one bolt holding that sensor into the engine block. This instruction will show you guide on how to replace camshaft position sensor on 2004 Ford F-150 with a 5.4 liter v8.

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The tool you need:

Socket Wrench

8mm&10mm Sockets

Torque Wrench


Compressed Air(Optional)




The cam position sensors on this engine are located on each side of the engine on the front of each cylinder head. This time we are going to replacing the driver side sensor.

First we need to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery.


remove 10 millimeter bolt right here


Pull the air intake plumbing out, lift up and pull it out of its socket


Next disconnect the connector on the sensor. There’s a tab on the back we push down and slide it off


Use a rag to clean around area, make sure that we don’t get any dirt inside the engine.

You can also blow off the area with compressed air


Remove the eight millimeter bolt that holds the sensor into the cylinder head


After taking out bolt, pull the sensor out of the socket , wiggle it a bit.


When you take your old sensor out, you’ll need to make sure that the O-ring comes out with the sensor and you need to make sure your new sensor has an O-ring on it.


Reinstall the new sensor, push it into the hole where the old one came from and make sure you seat the O-ring all the way in.


Torque eight millimeter bolt to 89 pounds or 7.4 foot-pounds


Attach the sensor plug from the wiring harness, reinstall air intake plumbing, then reinstall 10-millimeter bolt.


Torque the 10-millimeter bolt to 80inch pounds or 6.67 foot-pounds.


Lastly reconnect the negative terminal on our battery


Now we’re done.

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