How to Replace the 4×4 Disengage Solenoid in 5.4L Ford F-150

In this instruction we will show you guide on how to replace four-wheel drive disconnect solenoid in a 5.4L Ford F-150, model years from 2004 to 2008.


The symptoms are you can’t shift out or maybe you’re picking up a P1832 or a P1876 trouble codes. This repair is very easy, the solenoid is right in the engine bay, you don’t need any special tools.

The tool you need:



Socket Wrench

8mm Socket

10mm Socket(optional)



The 4×4 disengaged solenoid is located on the passenger side of the engine bay, right on the firewall. It’s located behind the battery.

So the first thing we’re going to do is disconnect the negative terminal of the battery.


For these terminal clamps we need to loosen an eight millimeter, nut on eight side and twist and pull off.


Next we’re going to remove the connector. Push up on the tab in the back and it’ll pop off, and we tuck that out of the way.


Next we’ll use a small screwdriver and poke on the clip in the back and it’ll slide at the bottom.


This is clip on here, so we can poke it from behind.


Next we’re going to remove the two lines. There’s nothing special holding, these on they just pull off, and you’ll see on ours that this upper port is blocked and that could be our issue.



And here’s our new part. Ours comes with a plastic bracket as well, but we’re not going to use that because our bracket is ok.



If you needed to replace yours, there’s two 10 millimeter nuts, one on the left, the other is behind plastic clip.


When reassembling these hoses they can only go on one way, so you can’t get that wrong.


Next we’ll slide this back into its clip right here from the bottom and then we’ll reattach the connector clip facing up.


Now we can reinstall the battery and hook up our cables. Put it down in the tray, we’ll do positive cable first.


We can put our cap back on the positive terminal and our battery is installed.


Thanks for reading,more repair cases about Ford, please refer to FORD TROUBLE REPAIR.




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