How to Replace EVAP Purge Valve for Ford F-150 2004

How to Replace EVAP Purge Valve for Ford F-150 2004


If you get trouble codes PO171 ,PO0174,PO455 or PO496, it may cause of EVAP valve. This instruction will show you guide on how to quick replace EVAP purge valve for 5.4L Ford F-150, model years from 2004-2008. This is super easy repair without any special tools, you can do this in about five minutes.

More repair cases about FORD, please refer to FORD TROUBLE REPAIR.



First you can find the solenoid bolted to the firewall back here driver’s side of the truck. We’re start by removing the connector on the driver’s side over here.


Press down on the tab, squeeze and then pull it off


Press on tab right here and slide the whole assembly out


Remove the top hose by pressing in on the gray tab, it can be a little hard to see if it’s greasy, but if you move your thumb around you’ll find something that moves when you press on it. It press in hard and then it might be a little stuck, so you might need to kind of wiggle a little bit and pop off.


The bottom hose has two gray tabs pressed on one there, just press in and slide it off.


Replacement solenoid might come with a bracket, the whole assembly in one piece.


If you’re going to replace the bracket, you have two eight millimeter bolts here. Since ours is fairly sturdy so we’re just going to leave it as is.

Take a new part slide it in over the bracket.


Big hose on the bottom press it in


Snap in place little hose on top press it in until it clicks


Connector push it on tab facing up


Then we’re done.





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