How to Remove Wheel Locks Without a Key Tool

There is a problem once you lost the key to your wheel lock or locking lug nuts. This instruction will show you how to remove wheel locks without a key tool, we’ll demonstrate on our Chevrolet Equinox. Keep in mind this methods is a little destructive, please do that on you own vehicle or have permission from the owner. And please do not use that to steal somebody’s wheels!



Prepare a 13/16 or 19mm-22mm socket , anyway it need to be smaller than the outside of the lock nut.


Hold socket and hammer it in


When it was tighten enough, take it out


Now we need to release the lock nut from the socket

Take a bigger socket over vise, let lock nut to go in, get a bolt that fits inside and hammer it in until nut falls off the socket



More method to remove locks lug nuts, please click here: How to Remove a Locking Lug Nut Without the Key

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