How to Remove Drive Wheel Wheel Unit for Still RX20 Truck Forklift

This instruction show you guide on how to remove the drive wheel unit for Still RX20-14/RX10-16/RX20-18/RX20-20 forklift truck.If you need more workshop manual for Still forklift please refer to:Still Steds Forklift Navigator 8.19 R2


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Removing the drive wheel unit
– Park the truck safely on level ground.
– Apply the parking brake.
– Disconnect the battery male connector.
– Loosen the wheel bolts; do not unscrew them completely.
– Jack up the front of the truck; see the chapter entitled “Safety information”.
– Release the parking brake.
– Remove the wheel bolts and remove the wheel.


Secure the drive axle not mounted in the truckwith a suitable device to prevent it from turning.
– Place a suitable collection container (> 1 l) under the oil drain opening.
– Unscrew the oil filler plug and oil drain plug.


Dispose of drained oil in accordance with regulations.
– Loosen and unscrew 7 screws from the drive wheel unit. The upper screw acts as a guide;
do not unscrew it completely.
– Remove the two plugs from the threaded holes located opposite.
– Screw 2 M14 screws (e. g. screws from the drive wheel unit) into the threads. This will separate the drive wheel unit from the motor housing.
– Pull the drive wheel unit out of the motor housing.


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