How to Remove & Install Radiator for Komatsu Excavator PC130

This instruction show you guide on how to remove & install radiator for Komatsu excavator PC130.For more Komatsu case,please refer to:Komatsu trouble repair.


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Stop the machine on a level place and lower it to the ground. Stop the engine and set the lock lever to locked position.
Disconnect the negative (–) terminal of the battery beforehand.
1.Remove lower cover (1).


2.Open the coolant drain valve (2) to drain. [*1] 6 Coolant: 13.9 l
3.Remove 2 mounting bolts (4) of plate (3) and remove the cover.
4.Disconnect radiator lower hose (5).


5.Open engine hood (6) and lock it.


6.Disconnect radiator overflow hose (7).
7.Disconnect radiator upper hose (8). [*3]
8.Remove 3 plate mounting bolts (9) and remove plate (10).


9.Remove 2 radiator mounting bolts (11).


10.Lift radiator assembly (12) and remove it. [*5]
Radiator assembly: 12 kg




Carry out the installation in the reverse order of removal.
Coolant: 13.9 l
Radiator hose clamp bolt:
(Both upper and lower hoses)
8.8 ± 0.5 Nm {0.9 ± 0.05 kgm}
Mounting bolt: 44 ± 9.8 Nm {4.5 ± 1.0 kgm}
When installing the radiator assembly, align the convex portion (a) on the bottom of the radiator assembly with the concave portion (b) on the machine.


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