How to Remove and Install Fuel Tank Assembly for Komatsu PC130

This document show you guide on how to remove and install fuel tank assembly for Komatsu PC130 excavator.For more Komatsu case,please refer to:Komatsu trouble repair.



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Stop the machine on a level ground, lower the work equipment to the ground, stop the
engine, and set the lock lever in the lock position.
Disconnect the cable from the negative (–) terminal of the battery.

1.Open the rear right inspection cover and open drain valve (1) to drain the fuel.

Fuel (When tank is full): 247 l


2.Remove handrail mounting bolts (2), (3) and (4), 2 pieces each, and remove handrail (5).

To remove mounting bolts (4), open cover (6).

3.Remove 2 cover upper mounting bolts (7) and 2 cover lower mounting bolts (9) and remove cover (8).




4.Remove fuel level sensor connector P21 (10).


5.Disconnect hose clamp (10).
6.Disconnect fuel return hose (11).


7.Remove fuel tank undercover (12).


8.Disconnect 2 fuel hoses (13) and (14).
9.Remove 4 fuel tank mounting bolts (15).
Height adjustment shims (16) are installed to the 2 bolts on the hydraulic tank side.


10.Lift off fuel tank assembly (17).
Fuel tank assembly: 120 kg



Carry out installation in the reverse order to removal.
Fuel tank: 247 l
When installing the 2 bolts on the hydraulic tank side, install the height adjustment shims,too.
Fuel tank mounting bolt:
235 – 285 Nm {23.5 – 29.5 kgm}

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