How to Remove & Install EMS Module for Scania C/K Series Truck

The engine management system for Scania Euro 6 gas engines uses 3 interacting engine control units which communicate via the CAN network.If a fault occurs in the engine management system, the engine control unit sends information about this via the coordinator to the instrument cluster. A warning lamp in the instrument cluster comes on. Depending on the type of fault, some engine functions may be limited or the engine may be switched off.


In this instruction show you guide on how to remove and install EMS module for Scania C/K series truck.For more information about Scania truck,please refer to:Scania Trouble Repair.


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Unlocking the engine control unit using SDP3.

You always need to take this action if the engine control unit is to be removed from the vehicle and then reused in another vehicle or together with another coordinator. During unlocking the engine control unit is reset to the unlocked status.



Initial work

1.Unlock the engine control unit using SDP3.

2.Open the hatch marked in the illustration.



Always cut the main power before starting the work.

Switch off the power.

Remove the connection to the negative terminal on the battery or set the battery master switch to position OFF.

If it is necessary to lift the vehicle to access the control units, follow steps 4-6.




Always support the vehicle on stands when working on vehicles with air suspension. Empty the air bellows.

When working on vehicles without stands under the frame, there is a considerable risk of serious personal injury. When the bellows lose air pressure, the frame will drop onto the axles. This will occur when:

– pressurised lines are removed.

– an air bellows is punctured.

– voltage is applied to the valve for the purpose of emptying the bellows.

– the level sensor lever is moved downwards.



Always empty the bellows before lifting with wheel lifts.

If there is a loss of air pressure, the axle distance will change, which can cause the wheel lifts to tip over.

Lower the vehicle suspension by removing air from the air bellows.



Risk of injuries!

Lift the vehicle.

6.Remove the noise shield underneath the engine.



Removal — EMS

1.Remove the connections to the cable harness for the engine control unit to be removed.

2.Remove the engine control unit to be removed.



Fitting – EMS, 9 litre gas engines   

1.Fit the engine control unit.

2.Connect the cable harness to the engine control unit.



Finishing operations

1.Connect the electric power supply to the vehicle.

Fit the negative terminal on the batteries or set the battery master switch to position ON.


2.Test drive the engine.

3.Close the engine compartment door. If the vehicle is raised, first follow steps 6-7.

4.Fit the noise shield under the engine.



Risk of injuries!

Lower the vehicle.

6.Connect to SDP3 with 99 654 VCI3.

7.Transfer the operating hours to the new control unit using SDP3.

See SDP3>Check and adjustment>Functions>Adjustment>Powertrain>Engine>Parameters for components> Engine operating time, offset.


8.Lock the control unit using Scania SDP3 Diagnostic Software.

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