How to Remove Different Type Wheel Lock Without a Key

This instruction will show you guide the way to remove every different wheel locks without a key.



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How to Remove Wheel Locks Without a Key Tool

How to Remove a Locking Lug Nut Without the Key


Method #1

Hammer a 12 point metric socket over the wheel lock


It doesn’t work for this two type wheel lock



Method #2

Buy a suitable locking wheel nut removal tool from autozone


it reversed threads and suck that bite into the lug, as you loosen it.


It doesn’t work perfect for this type wheel lock, noted it is definitely ruined the wheel and probably ruined the lock when you take it out.



Method #3

Grinding two flats to be able to get a wrench on there


Used a very heavy open end wrench and mount it



Method #4

Use a nut and weld the inside to the top of the lock nut to avoid waste a socket


It’s not very food for wheel but it does work


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