How To Program BMW X5 All Key Lost

Recently,I programed new key for BMW X5 all key lost scuccessfully.Though,the operations and methods is easy to perform,but for the freshman it is difficult to understand the whole progress.We need to operate carefully when we service for the high-end vehicle,otherwise it willl make damage on them.So here i share the easy guide on How To Program BMW X5 All Key Lost.

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Procedures Of BMW X5 All Key Lost Programming


*1 Replace all lock cylinders of the BMW X5 and cut new key blanks.(If you are not specialist locksmith,you would to ask auto locksmith for this)


*2 After solving the mechanical lock problems,we need to program immobilizer system.

Remove the EWS3 immobilizer box from the vehicle,it is located under the steering wheel of driver side.And then open the EWS3,and locate the immobilizer CPU chip model is 0D46J.Then we need to read out the immobilizer data from the CPU,choice X-PROG or AK90 programmer.

Note:XPROG programmer need to remove CPU from PCB,and AK90 no need removal.

How To Program BMW X5 All Key Lost-1

*3 After reading out the data from CPU,use key programmer to program new key.Use the new key test on the BMW X5 when you programming two key successfully.

How To Program BMW X5 All Key Lost-2

Ps:This method also adapt to add new key.(You have original key)


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