How to Install Ford IDS Diagnostic Software?

Here is a easy step-by-step guide on Ford IDS diagnostic software installation guide.In this article introduce two versions of Ford IDS Software installation guide:

*1 Official original version,it almost $1499,and a subscription to the software is $699/yr.

*2 OEM version,use with clone devices,such as vxdiag vcx nano for Ford/Mazda.


Before installing Ford IDS,you need to download it from below article link:

Ford IDS v106 Software Free Download

Download Microsoft .NET Framework (need install this before)


*1 Ford IDS Official original version installation Guide:


Step 1:After downloading the Ford IDS software,run the IDS.EXE in the installation package.

Wait for the IDS – InstallShield Wizard to prepare setup.

Step 2:Ensure the correct language is selected then click Next. Wait for the progress bar to complete.

Step 3:Click “Next”

Select I accept the terms of the license agreement, then click Next.

Step 4:Read the IDS and Firewall Compatibility page, check I have read and understand the firewall compatibility warning. Then click Next.

Do not change the drive location, then click Next.

Step 5:Click the Install button when ready to install software.

IDS software installation has started.

Step 6:Read the Install Calibration Reminder, check I have read and understand this reminder, then click Next.

Select Yes, I want to restart my computer now. Then click Finish.


IDS Software Licensing


A new IDS Software Licensing subscription process, released in 2011, replaces the current VCM/IDS subscription process. A unique license is required for each computer where IDS is installed. Vehicle communication through the VCM is disabled without an active license.


The IDS Software – Evaluation License dialog box will appear if your computer does not have an active licensed installed. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Access IDS > System Utilities > License Management for further information on IDS Software Licensing.



*2 Ford IDS OEM version Installation Guide:(take IDS v97 as a example)

Install V81 calibration files

Install V91 IDS

(Should have 3 day trail information after install V91 IDS, otherwise fail to install, quit the IDS.)

Install VCM2 IDS V96. if IDS V96 runs well, continue operation

Install IDS V97, make sure it runs OK

Finally install the VX Driver you just download above

Test and diagnose cars

Install frozen software


Ford IDS v97 Video installation Guide:

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