How To Bypass Transponder Chip Key (Video Guide)

A transponder key chip produce unique radio frequency code signal which sent to ECU to match with the code stored in the ECU memory already.If the signal is recognized as a signal that stored in the ECU memory(get authorization),then the key can perform locking,unlock,starting engine and other function.More often than not, this makes them expensive to replace. If you would like to bypass your transponder key every time you start your vehicle or are installing a remote starter, consider bypassing the ignition security.


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How To Choice Transponder Key Chip Type:Chips Classification

 Auto Transponder Key Chip Work Principle

How To Bypass Transponder Chip Key

Take your transponder key and place the plastic head in a pair of pliers. Gently grasp the pliers and work off the key head. If it will not slip off easily, grasp the metal end of the key with the flat surface of the other pliers and gently pull in opposite directions until the head slips off. Do not pull with the pliers by grasping the key’s teeth; you will compromise the key’s ability to turn the tumblers in your ignition.

Place the key’s head near the ignition with the hot glue gun. Squeeze a quarter-sized dab on the underside of the steering column, as close to the ignition as you can get, and press the key head into the glue until it sets.

Test the ignition with the key to turn it over. The transponder’s proximity to the ignition will allow it to start without having a full transponder key in the ignition. Get an additional plain key cut if you want a spare.


Transponder Chip Key Bypass How To For Any Car


How to Bypass The Key Chip Transponder In Any Car Or Truck In 5 Minutes !!!


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By LearningZone:

If you dig behind a little bit, you were be able to locate and replace the key code IC from the old ECU to the new replacement ECU and make it a permanent solution without re-flashing and reprogramming the immobilizer and ECU after replacement.

By Tom:

Well I am kinda desperate so here goes, I have Toyota Yaris 99 and lost the keys. From what I read so far, Id have to replace whole ECU (which is not financially viable). Is there anyway to get this started without original keys? Is there any way to get Yaris 99 to start without original transporder?

Transponder Chip Key Bypass FAQs:

Question 1:

Q:I tried this hack several times, swapping out ecu in 2000 Avalon. Is there something i missed, did exactly what you did with no luck. please advise. thx.O

A:Does the original ecu work still or completely dead?

Q:Again , Thank you for the help..original ecu still works ,a friend of mine has a Snap-on Modis handheld, he isolated the ocv and can trigger it on and off , ocv’s seem to be fine, and were new last year along with the o2 sensors. when it warms up ,it starts idle searching , and dumping fuel into bank 2. if we shut the ecu out and put it in service mode it straightens out and the misfire goes away. originally I thought the vvt gear may be sludged or worn at the locking pin but now thinking its the ecu. the kicker is no codes..sorry to keep asking questions, but you seem to be the only guy (on the tube)who knows what you’re talking about..

 A:hmm this is tough without me physically checking the car. I had a similar situation happen to my mother in laws RX300. Ran flawlessly before warmed up, but when fully warmed up it would run way under powered and if i feather the throttle the idle would surge up and down( no check light on or anything). Drove around making the engine surge up and down till light came on. Checked it and codes came back as a bad OCV for bank 1. Changed bank 1 OCV and symptoms were gone. I checked the bad valve by running some current through it and it worked fine but in the car it wasn’t working properly. Try and run the car long enough while its idle searching so that the check light will come on. I don’t think its a faulty ecu. wish i could physically check the car for you! let me know if this helps or not so i can try and help stil


Question 2:

Q:So this is a temporary fix. How do you permanently fix it? I am just wondering if you know how, because the dealer wants $175 to re_ key the ECU. Thank you for this video, it was very helpful.

A:Thank you for watching and commenting!! the only permanent solution is to sync the key(s) to the new ecu. you can shop around to see if any locksmiths or local repair shops can do it as well. it should be a lot cheaper than the dealer.


Question 3:

Q:2002 Chevy Impala that will not start. Dashboard will come on but the key will not turn to the start position. Car ran and started fine all day but now it wont start. We changed the ignition switch and cylinder but that didn’t work.


A:With the new cylinder it should turn all the way. Did you check for any debris left in there from the old cylinder before putting new one? Something could be blocking it from turning all the way. Is the car all the way in park? if it is try putting it in neutral if you can, to see if that will let you start the car, if it does than you either need to replace your Neutral safety switch, adjust it or the shift cable could be bad as well. let me know as much detail as possible because these things are really hard to diagnose without me physically checking it myself thanks

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