How to Solve Auto B3055 Trouble Code

Here comes the easy step by step guide on how to repair auto DTC B3055.Hope this will bring you some enlightenment.


What is B3055 Trouble Code?

B3055:No Transponder Modulation or No Transponder Malfunction.And in another article I wrote before:Chevrolet Cruze Can Not Start & Security Light on:B3055 B2955.It shows a real case about a refit cause B3055 trouble code and vehicle can not start.


Procedures of Solving DTC B3055:

Step 1:Did you perform the Theft Deterrent Diagnostic System Check?

No:Go to diagnostic system check antitheft and alarm sytems

Yes:Go to Step 2.


Step 2:Is DTC B3055 set as a current code?

No:Go to Testing for intermittent and Poor Connections in Diagrams.

Yes:Go to Step 3.


Step 3:Inspect the vehicle’s key for damage to the molded head and for PK3 embossed on the shank.

Is the head of the key damaged or missing the PK3 embossing?

No:Go to Step 4.

Yes:Go to Step 7.


Step 4:Are more than one of the vehicles keys available?

No:Go to Step 7.

Yes:Go to Step 5


Step 5:

1.Attempt to start the vehicle using all of the vehicle’s available keys.

2.Usign a scan tool,observe for any theft deterrent control module (VTD) DTCs.

Do any of the available keys start the vehicle?

No:Go to Step 9.

Yes:Go to Step 6


Step 6:Do all of the available keys cause DTC B3055 to set?

No:Go to Step 7.

Yes:Go to Step 9.


Step 7:

1.Replace the damaged/inoperative/suspect key.

2.Copy the mechanical cut of the available key on a Pass-key III replacement key.

Perform the Adding Keys procedure if a learned master key is avaiable.Refer to adding keys.If a kearned master key is not available,refer to replacing keys.

Is the replacement completed?

Yes:Go to Step 8.


For program & add keys or all key lost,you would better to read the category:Auto Key Program


Step 8:Does the replacement key caused DTC B3055 to set?

No:Go to Step 10.

Yes:Go to Step 9.


Step 9:

1.Replace the theft deterrent control module (VTD).Refer to igniton switch replacement-On vehicle in steering wheel and column-Tilt

2.Perform the programming Theft Deterrent System Components procedure.Refer to Programming Theft Deterrent System Components.

Is the replacement complete?

Yes:Go to Step 10.


Step 10

Important:If a 10 minute or 30 minute Re-learn procedure was performed,all keys not learned at that time have been erased and will not be recognized.Perform the adding keys procedure or instruct the customer on how to perform the adding keys procedure.Refer to adding keys procedure.Refer to adding keys.

1.Use the scan tool in order to clear the DTCs

2.Operate the vehicle within the conditions for running the DTC as specified in the supporting text.

Does the DTC reset?

No:System OK

Yes:Go to Step 2.


PS:In some emergency circumstances,maybe you need to bypass the anti-theft system to start you car,here is another article:

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