How to Maintenance Kubota V3800 Diesel Engine Every 1000 Hours

One month ago,we share a post on Kubota V3800 Diesel Engine Every 500 Hours Maintenance.So here another post on how to maintenance Kubota V3800 diesel engine every 1000 hours.


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Check of Valve Clearance
• You must examine and adjust the valve clearance when the engine is cold.
1.Remove the injection pipes and cylinder head cover.
2.Align the “1TC” mark line on the flywheel and projection on the housing. Make sure that the No.1 piston comes to the compression or overlap top dead center.

3.Examine the subsequent valve clearance at the mark “1TC” with a feeler gauge. If the clearance is out of the factory specifications, adjust with the adjusting screw (1) and tighten the lock nut (2) of the adjusting screw.




• After you adjust the valve clearance, tighten the lock nut (2) of the adjusting screw.


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