How to Solve Kubota V3800 Engine Noise Problem

This post show you guide on how to diagnostic and solve engine noise for Kubota V3800 enigne.If you need know more case of Kubota V3800 enigne,please check Kubota Trouble Repair.


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Possible causes:

1.Engine fault
• Low compression pressure.
• Engine internal fault
• Valve clearance fault
• Valve timing fault
2.Control system
• Damage to the pulsar gear of the crankshaft position sensor
• Air gap of the crankshaft position sensor is large
• SCV operation fault
3.Intake system
• Leak from the intake system parts
4.Fuel system
• Supply pump learning has not been performed
• Fuel quality
5.Cooling system
• Fan belt damage or tension misadjustment
6.CRS (including related fuel line)
• Output system (supply pump, injector and common rail)
• Input system (sensors)
• Large amount of drag (including the brakes, etc.)
• Loose parts (including part interference sound)


1.Check the DTC
1.Turn the key switch ON and check the DTC.

Factory specification No DTC is output.

OK Go to “2. Check the Crankshaft Position Sensor”

NG Check in accordance with the troubleshooting procedures for each DTC.


2.Check the Crankshaft Position Sensor

1.Refer to DTC P0335 and P0336, and implement checking of the crankshaft position sensor.

OK Go to “3. Check the Camshaft Position Sensor”.

NG Repair and replacement of the crankshaft position sensor-related parts.



3.Check the Camshaft Position Sensor

1.Refer to DTC P0340 and P0341, and implement checking of the camshaft position sensor.

OK Go to “4. Check the Injector (Including the Pipes, etc.)”.

NG Repair and replacement of camshaft position sensor-related parts.



4.Check the Injector (Including the Pipes, etc.)

1.Perform the diagnosis tool active test (stopping the injector injection by cylinder) and check the injector performance.

Factory specification

1.Engine vibration and noise are increased and the rotation speed is reduced when the injection for the corresponding cylinder is stopped.

2.The same results must be attained from all the cylinders.

OK Go to “5. Check the Engine and Machine Body”.

NG Check and repair faulty parts including the high pressure line of the defective cylinder.


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