How to Get PIN Code When Programming Key

Many auto locksmith found that they got incorrect immo PIN code by VIN calculating.And they got the same result again when they ask another guy to calculate.


So what can we do if found the same result?

how to get pin code

Before solve above problem,we need to summary the method to get immo pin code:
1.Inquire dealer to get immo pin code via VIN

2.Disassemble immo box or smart box to read out the pin code by programmer

3.Read out immo pin code by auto key programmer


Inquire PIN Code by Dealer or Three-part via VIN.

Because the VIN(Vehicle Identify Number) of each car is unique identification.It will cost you $20~100 depend on your vehicle models,the accuracy rate is more than 95%.The advantage is that you do not need to disassemble any parts on the vehicle.After getting the PIN code,you are available to program keys directly.

Personally,if the problem can be solved by paying a little,you would better to,it will save you much time.

But sometime,your customers unwilling to spend extra money or you got the incorrect PIN code by VIN,so you need to try other methods.


Read out PIN Code from immo/smart box.

The pin code is stored in the chip located in ECU,immo box,smart box or BCM box,it depend on the vehicle models.You need to remove chip from PCB,then use programmer to read out the pin code,the accuracy up to 99%.This method require you have skillful operations:disassembling,welding,reading out pin code.


Read out PIN code by auto key programmer:

Many devices can calculate the pin code by their programmer,you just need to plug the programmer into OBD socket to get pin code,then programming keys.

Try to disassemble chip to read out pin code when you find the device can not support.


Summary,when you get incorrect PIN code by VIN calculating:

1.Check difference between the appearance VIN and immo system VIN.

If you they are different,the immo system VIN is more reliable.

2.Make sure vehicle models is corresponding to the immo system.(many freshman select incorrect models)

3.Immo system have been locked due to much time incorrect pin code enter(wait for hours or next day,try it again!)

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