How to Fix Leaking Air Problem in The Valve Stem for GM

Did your tire leaking air over a few days, even if it’s brand new? The problem maybe in the valve stem! Dry,cracked rubber, or corrosion in the wheel, can break the stem’s air tight seal. This instruction will show you guide on how to fix leaking problem of valve stem on the GM. For more cases of GM vehicle, please visit to GM vehicle repair cases.

We have a brand new tire and we don’t have any nails in it. After checked it for other leaks and we found that we have a leak coming from the valve stem.

How to check leaking problem, one of the easiest ways to find a leak is using soapy water to see if there are bubbles. You can use just regular dish soap and water and spray the entire wheel down, even on the tread parts.

After found where is leaking, first thing we’re going to do take the valve core out by the valve core remover tool. Let the air get out of the tire.


Separate the bead. The tire bead that goes around the rim. We need to use a machine to stuck on there.


Put the tire on the table and lock it down.Making sure the valve stem is right around this location, because there is a sensor under the valve stem.


Take the bar slide it right there


After take out tire bead, we need to get the sensor off. There is a screw on the bottom of the sensor, it’s happens to be a GM vehicle , and most of the GM vehicle are set up.

Take a T10 driver to take the screw out. (noted to hold the sensor in case of dropping it)



Remove the valve stem by a valve stem installer.


If you don’t have valve stem installer, you can use the tire hammer or even a pair of pliers to pry it out, just make sure you use a thick cloth underneath, because we don’t want to damage the wheel.


There is some corrosion. The corrosion from the wheel is what pushes on it and causes the air to get past the valve.



If we just put a new valve in it, this is still going to leak over time.

Use a wire brush attachment to clean all that stuff up



Take the new valve stem and put a little bit of tire lube(just basically soapy water), use a tire valve stem installer or some pliers that will work for you pull it through.


Take the tire sensor and line it up, snup up the screw.


Reinstall the tire. Use a little bit of tire lube for better install.


Inflate the tire


Double check it to make sure there is no leak there.





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