How to Repair BMW X5 F15 Water Leaking from Headliner

BMW X5 during and/or after heavy or prolonged rain, one or both of the situation(s) listed below may occur:

  • Water leaks from various locations in the headliner.
  • The footwell carpet is wet or soaked with water.

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Multiple root causes have been linked to this issue. One or more of the cause listed below may apply.

The sunroof drain tube is:

  • Not properly connected to the sunroof
  • Twisted or kinked between the sunroof and where it exits the vehicle
  • The sunroof drain is cut or torn above the headliner.



Identify the root cause and perform the related repair on the sunroof drain tube, as outlined in the procedure.



Refer to the attachment section in this bulletin, below.


Note: Depending on the root cause, some parts needed to complete the repairs must be sourced from your local hardware store (Lowes, Home Depot, etc.).


Part Number Description Quantity

61 13 6 933 305 Corrugated plastic tube As needed

83 19 0 153 321 Butyl tape As needed

For BMW part number,maybe you need BMW ETK to check.

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